Weight Loss in Dogs: Valuable Tips for Chunky Pups!

Recently, I came across an article in The Independent that got me thinking about weight loss in dogs.

I’ve linked the article above if you want to take a look yourself, but the short version is that veterinarians are reportedly having to invest in heavy lifting equipment due to the rise of obesity in dogs.

While this does create the humorous image of a crane straining to pick up a chunky Pug, it is reflective of a growing problem amongst dogs.

So, if you’ve noticed your doggo looking a little on the chubbier side lately, it’s time to get their weight down to a healthier level! Here are some quick but effective tips for weight loss in dogs.

Rule Out Any Health Conditions!

Before you make any changes to their diet or exercise regime, get them checked out by your vet first.

This is because weight gain can be indicative of an underlying health condition. These need to be ruled out because if they are present, it can significantly change up how you should safely help your dog lose weight.

And of course, the health conditions will need to be treated. Which will naturally help prevent your dog from further gaining the pounds!

Once they have their check-up out of the way, it can be a good idea to discuss a weight loss plan with your vet. You’re already there after all, and this is a great way of getting a good plan drawn out early.

Dietary Changes

As bad diets are a major factor in causing obesity in the first place, making some key changes here will do wonders!

First things first, check out the quality of the food you are giving to your dog. Low-quality options are usually cheap, but they contain plenty of fillers that offer no nutritional value for your pup. This means they actually need to eat more of it to fulfil their nutritional requirements!

This can lead to weight gain, so putting them onto a more nutritious food will mean they don’t need to eat as much of it. If you’re unsure what food to pick, this website offers fantastic recommendations tailored to your particular pup!

Next, free-feeding is generally avoided in these scenarios. This is because it can easily lead to your dog snacking and eating much more than it should each day. It can be better to schedule meals throughout the day, offering only as much as they need, and removing the bowl after a certain time.

Finally, for my last tip; no table scraps! No matter how cute your pup is when they beg, most human foods aren’t all that great for dogs and can lead to weight gain. There are much healthier alternatives you can give to your dog. Such as our fantastic treats for example!

Exercise Changes

Overweight dogs tend to develop a laziness streak. They seem to stop showing an interest in their walks and any kind of play, instead choosing to lounge around the house.

However, this isn’t a newfound aspect of their personality; it’s because exercise is now difficult due to their weight. Every dog loves to be a dog, running about and enjoying life! So, it is important we get them back into exercising in a safe way, so that they can learn to enjoy it once more.

Start small and ramp things up, as to not overwhelm them. There are plenty of things you can do; multiple short walks, play in the back garden, even hide some healthy treats in a puzzle toy. If it gets them moving, it’ll help them lose weight and regain their quality of life.

Weight Loss in Dogs – Any Tips of Your Own?

I hope this article has provided you with some good pointers on weight loss for your dog. Remember, if you’re ever unsure how to progress, it can be worth contacting an expert canine nutritionist!

Have you ever owned an overweight pupper? How did you help them lose weight? I’d love to see some inspiring doggie weight loss stories in the comments, along with some tips of your own!

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