Our top five most gruesome Halloween treats!

With Halloween just around the corner it seems a little mean to get the kids all the best treats!  If only there was some way to pick out the creepiest treats for the pooch in the family.

Oh wait!  Here it is!  WARNING: I’ve deliberately over described these treats and made them sound pretty gruesome.  If you’ve got a weak constitution, you might want to head away and google cute kittens instead or something.

Ok so maybe my cat isn’t the cutest alternative… sorry Molly!

We absolutely adore Halloween in our house and I secretly harbour quite a strong desire to dress Bob in one of those epic spider outfits for a night time trip around the park… Until that day though, we’ll stick to offering the kids coming ‘trick or treat’ing goodies from Bob’s cupboard.

I’ve picked our top five most gruesome treats, all of which will find their way into my cauldron of treats this year…

  • Sprats.  We have to start here.  I mean, they LITERALLY look at you! You can almost see them pleading with you not to feed them to the dog (or the cat… ours love them!).  I love to stuff these in Kong’s and I’m the first to admit I go all ‘Barbie and Ken’ on them; narrating the awful fate they’re about to meet and screaming on their behalf as I push them face first into a mashed up collection of their cousins, the poor sardines.
  • Chicken feet.  These guys have so many health benefits they’re brilliant, but they’re pretty darn grim.  They’re all curled and gnarly, you can see all the bumps of skin and those little bones sticking out of the end leave nothing to the imagination.  Every time I open a packet I feel like I’ve snuck into a witches store cupboard and I’ve nicked off with something destined for the cauldron… I hope I never get caught!
  • Hairy Beef Ears.  Oh the smell!  The stench that comes off these things is beyond impressive.  They smell so much, we deliberately put them out at our market stalls and let them waft over the airwaves directly to the super sniffers of all the pups there! There’s just something about them though; the dogs absolutely ADORE them!  Perhaps an outside toy though…!
  • Dried Rabbits Ears.  Is there anything cuter than a rabbit?! Why then, would you be so cruel as to take its lovely floppy ears, strip them of their hair and dry them out to feed to your dog?! The only way this could be any more gross is if you left the hair ON to give to your dog… oh wait… yeah… hair on rabbits ears are a thing too!
  • Wool-on Lamb Slice.  You thought all the above were gross? Well these top them all; not only do they have the wool still on (gross), they come from really cute animals (how COULD you?!) and they’re beyond honky.  Like I have to keep these sealed in their plastic bag, inside a box, inside a cupboard to stop my room stinking. They’re an outside treat and one to be given soon after arrival; do NOT invite your mother in law round as you hand it out!

I’d absolutely love to hear your Halloween plans this year! Have you got your pooch something really gross? Are you planning on sharing chicken feet with all the neighbourhood kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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