National Black Dog Day; 5 reasons black dogs are super awesome!

Happy National Black Dog Day!  Did you know black dogs are less likely to be adopted than dogs of other colours?  No, I didn’t either!

In an effort to help explain why black dogs are just as deserving as others, I’ve come up with 5 very sensible, not at all tongue in cheek, reasons why black dogs are awesome.

My black Labrador, Bob, is my world.  Some of my best grins have been caused by him, some of my lowest points have been shared by him and my day is always brightened by him.  I can’t imagine for the life of me why black dogs are looked over; they’re just as capable of love and affection as all the other lovely colours!

Just LOOK at that handsome face!

Here are my 5, somewhat unusual, reasons why black dogs are simply awesome!

  1. You can’t see the mud on them after a particularly grotty walk. You might see this as a disadvantage when your cream sofa gets a mucky stain on it but I do like to see the faces of cream cockapoo owners wondering how on earth we’ve managed to stay so clean after one of those awful sloshy winter walks!
  2. They blend into a dark coloured rug and trip your visitors up. Again, what may be seen as a disadvantage can sometimes be flipped into an advantage! We have a fabulous saying in our house; “All our visitors make us happy. Some by coming, others by going”.  Sometimes it’s pretty fantastic when annoying Auntie Ethel goes for a bit of a trip over the sleeping dog!
  3. They’re perfectly camouflaged for stealing sausages at a night time bbq.  Every Labrador’s dream comes true; this point has been tried, tested and proven by Bob on many occasions! He does a super job of sneaking around in the dark and popping up next to a plate of food ready to swipe a sausage when the unsuspecting dinner owner looks away!
  4. They absorb heat to become a brilliant hot water bottle. My favourite! Especially on those long summer days where he basks in the evening sunshine to gather the last of the sun’s heat; I’m one to go cold super quickly so I’ll call him over and request cuddles to keep me warm!
  5. You can always see their hair in your brew before you drink it. An absolute bonus over those pesky tan coloured dogs! There are worse things in life than choking on a dog hair in your brew, but I’m a Yorkshire lass through and through so I can’t think of many things worse than a spoilt cuppa. At least with the black hairs you can spot them quickly and hook them out!

I’m sure there are many more reason’s I’ve missed… please share yours in the comments below!

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