Kong Recipe: Fishy Fun!

Its all well and good telling you to ‘go stuff a Kong’ for your dog but what on earth are you meant to stuff them with?! What is safe? What is beneficial for them? How much do you need to use? How do you layer it?

Fret no more you wonderful doggy person, this recipe will be your saviour!

Sardines and Sprats… Bobby heaven!

Bob’s a Labrador so by very nature he’ll pretty much eat anything I give to him.  Except parsnips. They’re gross, apparently.  As a result I can mess around with flavours and textures and pretty much get it right every time, but this recipe? Well, by jove his eyes light up like the local town hall at Christmas and he struggles to focus when this fishy treat comes out!

This recipe is simple, cheap and nutritious. A treble win!

  • Serves:
    • One ‘large’ Kong with a teeny tiny bit of sardines left over for the cat to enjoy
  • Ingredients:
    • Tin of Sardines in oil
    • Sprats
  • Method
    • Drain the vast majority of the oil off the sardines
    • Mash sardines in a bowl using a fork
    • Squish sardines into Kong using a spoon (or if you’re a heathen like me, just shove them in with your fingers!)
    • Take pity on the Labrador waiting ever so patiently and put the bowl on the floor for cleaning
    • Push sprats in the top of the Kong
    • Optional: Freeze overnight to increase the difficulty level

I’d love to see your wonderful creations, please show off and post pictures of your amazing skills!

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