Dog Nutrition – Finding the Best Food for Your Pup!

If you’ve ever owned a crafty canine, the topic of dog nutrition must have cropped up at some point. We, as pet parents, always want the best for our dogs!

But if you’ve ever done a quick internet search looking for the best dog food, you get absolutely assaulted with a mess of various companies claiming they have the “ULTIMATE FORMULA”. Looking for information on such things online tends to give you marketing material, rather than the actual information you need!

Due to this, I thought that this week, I’d cover the basics of what a dog needs to be healthy along with how to find the diet that works for them.

What Are a Dog’s Nutritional Needs?

Dog nutrition can be a complex subject; that’s why a lot of dog food companies online offer formulas that cover everything, so you don’t need to think about it too hard.

However, having a basic understanding of what a dog needs is helpful and can help you look at potential diets with a more discerning eye!

Dogs are omnivores; as in, they can eat a mixture of meat and veg to survive. Just like us hoomans!

They require a balance of protein, fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. A great diet will have all of these covered in the right amounts. You can read further vet-authored information on the topic here.

With this in mind, it’s strange that there is so much conflicting information online. If we know what a dog requires, why are there so many vastly different diets and utter confusion out there?

Dog Nutrition – The Source of the Confusion

Now I’m just a simple pet writer; but with my time writing on this topic in the past, I’ve got my own take on why dog nutrition usually turns into such a labyrinth of a topic.

The biggest part of it is, as I mentioned earlier, competing dog food companies. It’s an incredibly competitive industry, and there’s not much one can do to differentiate oneself from their countless competitors. Therefore, many turn to market their food or diet as “simply the best there is” even if there isn’t much in the way of science to back that claim.

After all, every dog is different. The breed, weight, age, possible health conditions…all this can have an effect on what diet is best for your dog. There is no super food that is perfect for every single dog; it just doesn’t work that way.

So, what can we do to avoid being suckered in by marketing, and find the food that is a great fit for our furry companions?

Finding What’s Best!

When it comes to finding what is the best kind of food for your dog, my advice is to look in the right places.

There are valuable resources out there on the topic; some are super useful. For example, check out All About Dog Food, a site that Rach brought to my attention earlier. It allows you to simply plug in the information that’s important and unique about your dog, and it will give you unbiased food recommendations that are best for them.

Additionally, another great thing you can do is to speak to your vet about forming a dog diet plan. They are the experts and they know your pooch well. It’s a valuable opinion that you could use.

Also, if you need help deciding on what treats are best for your dog too, Rach has done a fantastic article on it here! Be sure to check it out.

Finally, I’m really interested to hear what you all have to say on this topic. I want to know what kind of journey you have gone through searching for the perfect diet for your dog, or your current struggles in finding one that works.

Let’s help each other out!

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