Behind the scenes: How we store our treats

There’s no denying.  Our treats can be a bit stinky.  Great for your dog of course, but not so great when you walk in the kitchen to the lingering smell of sprats!

In this ‘behind the scenes’ blog I’ll explain what I store our treats in at home.

Am I the only one who loves getting new post arriving through the door, opening up the box for the initial “ooooh” and then gets a kick ‘sorting it out’ and putting the goodies in their new place?!  I’m a bit of a neat freak so I suspect I might be, but there’s nothing better than organising new arrivals!

Stinky mail!!!

You might think I’m odd now, but wait until you read about why I store my treats the way I do…!

So I’m a bit of a neat freak.  In our house, everything has its place and in its place it should be.  I also have a bit of a ‘thing’ about glass.  I love glass storage containers.  Kilner Jars… Spice Jars… Pretty Sweetie Jars… Tall Spahgetti Jars…  the list is endless.  I love how clean they are, how everything is contained neatly inside and they don’t let the smell out.  I’ve got tons on the kitchen side and they make me super happy!

In our house we rattle through sprats at a slightly embarrassing rate; not only does Bob love them but so do my two cats!  We’ve opted to keep these in a little sweetie style jar with a rubber seal on the lid; easy to access, pretty on the side but great at keeping the smell contained.  I also like that the pattern of the glass partially hides what is inside; we have guests over regularly and I know many people don’t really like the look of sprats so this is a nice way to mask that they’re looking at you!  It only holds 100g so I have to top it up fairly regularly but I’m okay with that.

I also have a large kilner style jar on the side to hold a selection of treats; Bob regularly gets given chicken feet, meat coins, rabbits ears and fish fingers so I keep it topped up with the regulars and then occasionally other bits.  This one doesn’t go down as quickly as the sprats because it’s pretty big so holds quite a lot of goodies.  I’m mindful that all these things are ‘treats’ too so I don’t feed too many; much to his annoyance!  Again, it’s got a rubber seal on so you can’t smell the contents wafting around the kitchen.

My favourite thing about our glass treat jar is that it’s been personalised for him!  One of our fabulous customers, Anne, personalises jars of all sizes and very kindly gifted one for Bob.  It says ‘Bob’s Treats’ and has a silhouette of a rather gorgeous Labrador sat patiently waiting for his goodies!  Anne personalises jars of all shapes and sizes and I’ve seen many of her creations go to our customers now; they’re always amazing!  You can find her on facebook.

Bobs personalised big jar!

I don’t buy any packaged treats any more so we don’t have the issue of trying to store lots of different packets which is pretty handy.  Bob is given the treats I have in stock now, massively cutting down on our plastic waste, and then gets fresh food daily.  He’s also got a whole drawer in our freezer which contains his prepared Kongs and silicone ice trays which I freeze some blitzed up offal to add to his food bowl each day along with lots of fresh fruit and veg.

So tell me: how do you store your treats? I post goodies out all across the country and I always wonder if they’ll end up in a pretty glass jar too!  Share your storage solutions in the comments!

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