Month: February 2020

DIY Enrichment: Toilet Roll Tubes

As a dog trainer, I’m often getting calls to help solve problems around destructive chewing. Chewing is a natural activity for dogs; its fun, it acts as a stress reliever and it busts some serious boredom!

Unfortunately, if we don’t supply enough fun things to chew on our dogs can very easily go ‘self employed’ and start looking for their own amusement!

Meet Mark from Enrichandgo

I adore meeting new people who have heads full of doggy information! I’ve followed Mark on instagram for what feels like forever and I absolutely adore the fantastic enrichment games he creates for his pal, Woody. Imagine my glee when he responded to my request for an email interview within minutes of me sending the message! Mark has been an utter joy to chat to and I’m so, so pleased to share his interview with you.