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Easy to eat, nutritious and tasty; these treats are perfect for everyday enrichment.

Hard to chew, natural and fun; these treats are great for longer entertainment.

A unique collection of 7 different treats for your dog to try without breaking the bank.

Favourite Treats

Tried and tested by a great selection of doggies, these treats have a canine stamp of approval and are firm favourites in the treat cupboard.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what other hoomums and hoodads thinks!


King Charles Spaniel

Charlie loves chicken feet and dad felt it was time to try something new… this is Charlie’s first try of a Goats ear which took over an hour to finish and resulted in one very happy, sleepy pup!



Algebra absolutely adored the cow’s ear he was given; he spent over an hour chewing away and rolling around on the grass and still didn’t manage to finish it! Yummy!



Dasha absolutely loves fishy treats and enjoyed her first sprat tremendously; she took it ever so gently and split it into three little bits to chew carefully. Who knew a little fish could be so great?!

Not sure what your dog will like?

It can be really hard to tell from reading a computer screen if your pup will prefer a goats ear or a goose neck. Try a treat pack; 7 different treats, one for each day of the week. Something fun to do each day and a low risk way to try new treats.